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Eugene Mirman

Brooklyn resident Eugene Mirman escaped the clutches of Russian communism at the age of four when his family immigrated from Moscow to Lexington, MA (where along with Paul Revere and John Adams he kicked off the American revolution). He attended Hampshire College and designed his own major of Comedy — doing a one-hour standup act as his thesis (for which he was made fun of, don’t worry).

Currently, he plays comedian/mobster Yvgeny Mirminsky on Adult Swim’s "Delocated" and does the voice of “Gene” on FOX’s hit animated series "Bob’s Burgers." In the streets he’s sometimes recognized as Eugene, the landlord, from "Flight of the Conchords." On "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" he’s Dr. Eugene Mirman and on "Home Movies" he was Eugene, the Russian foreign exchange student. His hour-long Comedy Central special "Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory" premiered in December 2012.
Eugene was named Best New York City Comedian by the Village Voice and one of the 10 best comedians of the last decade by Paste Magazine. He has released three comedy albums (the last two on Sub Pop records) and an incredibly funny parody-ish self-help book, "The Will to Whatevs." Named by Roling Stone as a “Hot Twitterer,” Eugene also keeps his over 210k followers entertained daily.

A pioneer of the comedy variety show since the days of Rififi, Eugene produces what began as a joke and has become the hugely popular annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, along with Julie Smith and Caroline Creaghead, Eugene produces The EMCF happens every fall in Brooklyn and also had a run in Seattle in the spring of 2012.