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Misha Trubs

Misha Trubs is a comedian sex god living in San Francisco. One could describe him as a “polymath,” if one were a fancy professor. “Multitalented” works just as well. Misha is one of the Bay Area's most unusual performers, which is a tall order, especially considering the fact that he keeps all of his clothes on and doesn't light anything on fire. He is one of the rare people who can move from format to format without losing any of his personality in the translation. Whether stand-up, improv or sketch, Misha is always an undivided amount of Misha. He is known for delivering longform comedic anecdotes in a voice that sounds like Barry White. It happens to be his real voice.

Misha is a principal member of Sylvan Productions, a Bay Area production company, and hosts Do The Damn Thing. He performs at comedy clubs and independent showcases across the Bay Area.