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Scoot Herring

8 bit comedian and retro video game enthusiast, Scoot Herring, is a what later scientists will call a "gentle bro." He has been described as "The Ryan Gosling of Portland Comedy". By one person. that person was himself but Scoot Herring takes what he can get. He's humble like that. A tall drink of nerd rage who avoids eye contact with other men, Scoot Herring is a comedian that hates things you probably never heard of. This bearded manboy surprises you with his hilarious thoughts on time travel and his borderline creepy love of Disney. In 2013 he was asked to compete in the 34th International Seattle Comedy Competition. He placed 27th out of 34. He is proud of this for some reason. In 2014 he took 2nd place in Oregon's Last Comedian Standing. When he's not dispensing with the jokes you can find him at his modest SE Portland apartment filming his video game interview web series called "Player's Choice" which can be found on YouTube. When asked to describe himself using the character traits of different Power Rangers he chose The leadership of Jason, the brains of Billy, and the ass of Kimberly. "I like turtles but Scoot is better" - Ryan Lueck, a friend of his roommate that he has only met like three times. "He WEARS THE S**T out of Star Trek uniform" - Manuel Hall, fellow comedian and all around nice guy. "His comedy is ok" - Jody Herring his mother.