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Torio Van Grol

Torio Van Grol was first discovered by a gentleman naturalist in 1676, causing an uproar among the clergy, who claimed that he was placed on Earth by God as a test of faith. After much careful study, Torio has been widely accepted as real, though some controversy lingers. Many people believe that early humans coexisted peacefully with him, even caring for him and riding on his back as a form of transportation. But Torio is not strong enough to carry people, instead relying on speed, cunning and a bulletproof eBay rating for survival. His primary habitat is the comedy clubs of the Bay Area, California, but he has been spotted as far south as San Diego and as far north as Sonoma, grazing on the region's naturally plentiful burritos. Torio is highly prized for his jokes, which are rumored to have aphrodisiacal properties. He is both fascinating and terrifying to children.